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Liveness Detection

Liveness detection is a security feature that TruedID develope to mitigate the vulnerability of biometric systems with flexible choce between Passive and Active Liveness Detection:

  • Passive Model is frictionless with only 1-2s to capture and robust in most lightning condition
  • Active Model requires to move camera back-forward and can identify fraud with 3D masks


Up to 99% accuracy rate

Passive Liveness Detection has Completion rate of 97% and Accuracy rate up to 99% common fraud types

Complete Rate 85%

Active Liveness Detection is the only solution in Vietnam with iBeta2 certificate from NIST with the Completion rate: 85%

Face matching

  • Ensures that the person performing eKYC / Face Authen is the account owner’
  • Cornerstone behind Identity Verification and Authentication Solution


Over 100 distinct points on the faces

to be computed at once.

99.9% TAR and 0.1% FAR

AI Models trained on diverse datasets of millions different identity, ensuring industry-leading accuracy more than 99.9% TAR and 0.1% FAR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The Advanced Use of Technology to Distinguish Printed or Handwritten Text Characters:

  • The basic process of TrueID OCR involves examining the text of a document and translating the characters into code that can be used for data processing. Advanced and powerful TrueID OCR save a lot of time and effort when creating, processing and repurposing various documents.
  • TrueID supports all types of ID cards (9 digits, 12 digits, CCCD, chip-based CCCD, passport)


Pattern recognition

TrueID OCR recognize text in various fonts and formats in all types of ID cards

Feature detection

TrueID OCR apply rules regarding the features of a specific letter or number to recognize characters in the scanned document

More than 99%

Highest accuracy score in Vietnam

Document Forgery Detection

Conducting ID forgery detection service, TrueID use our efficiently developed ID forgery AI-based solution which helps easy identification of forged documents:

  • TrueID pioneering ID Fraud Detection technology in Vietnam, can identify up to 90% invalid IDs (according to an external benchmark from a large personal finance firm)
  • Highly accurate Face Deduplication can identify fraudsters using multiple IDs with the same face


Detect over 90% poor quality ID images

Can detect over 90% poor quality ID Images and signs of fraud

Over 50+ rules

Over 50+ rules to examine Spam, ID Image Quality, ID Template and ID Text Logic

Flexible configuration

Configurable combination of checks to suit each client’s risk appetite

Video KYC​

trueID Video KYC solution delivers an effortless customer experience while ensuring quicker KYC completion at a lower cost and higher customer satisfaction

  • Comply with KYC/AML requirements in banking that allow cusomers to open bank account online without transaction limit in accordance with the Circular no.16/2020/TT-NHNN of the State Bank of Vietnam
  • Reduce fraud and risk from eKYC process by establishing a direct face-to-face video call between staffs and customers to cross-check and verify information
  • Remote contract signing that provides a secure and personalized channel to verify identity and review contract before e-Signature

For Existing customers​

Raise transaction limit, update critical information and compare and verify KYC information

For New customers

CS-supported eKYC for VIPs or customers that fail automatic KYC, final & sign contracts remotely and collect and veify information (ID + selfie)

Adaptive Anti-money Laundering (AML) Detection

trueID AML Solution screens unusual customer behavior and suspicious money movements through advanced data analytics and AI powered technology:

  • AML Screening: From data set to screening engine, risk scoring and customizable rules
  • Transaction monitoring: From data ingestion to smart alert and visualization report
  • Administration: Including configuration management, management dashboard, list, case and profile management



Save cost from manual AML Screening activities

Data Source

Diverse and up-to-date data sources

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment options for automatic screening

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