eKYC onboarding

Identify your new customers using Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence, to optimize Customer Acquisition and Risk Control

How trueID eKYC Solution can help your organization?

Open New Accounts

Verify and open accounts for new customers completely online

Sign New Contracts

Verify customers before signing new insurance contracts

Evaluate New Loan

Verify customers' identity before loan disbursement

How it works

Why you should choose us

High Completion Rate

90% of customers, on average, can complete all steps

Advanced Fraud Detection

iBeta level 2 selfie anti-spoofing, certified to detect even the most advanced fraud cases

Cross-platform Integration

Supports web, mobile, web-view with SaaS and on-premise deployment


Face Match

Verify if the faces in ID document and selfie belong to the same person

Face Deduplication

Verify if faces in ID documents and selfie have created previous accounts

Liveness Detection

Verify if the face in selfie belong to a real person or a fake representation


Extract info from photos of ID documents

ID Validity

Verify if ID documents are valid, without signs of tampering

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