AML transaction monitoring

Seamlessly and accurately Identify transactions and customer profiles with high AML risk, to reduce damages from illegal money flows.

How TrueID's AML transaction monitoring can help your organization?

Detect fraud rings

Identify cluster of users with systematic, suspicious and connected behaviour

Monitor user risk profile

Highlight users with high risk based on their transaction history

Detect abnormal transaction

Real-time alert of suspicious transactions to prevent damages

How it works

Why you should choose us

Automated Processes

Reduce manual review workload by highly accurate, automatic AI models

Explainable results

Output risk scores and risk factors for compliance teams to review and analyze

Highly configurable

Enable risk and compliance teams to define the rules and workflows


Graph and network analysis

Analyze connections between users to identify highly connected clusters

Deep Learning

Automatically flag suspicious transactions from a complex combination of rules and factors

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Analyze transaction description for signs of bots or other abnormalities

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