Face authentication

Seamlessly identify customers' face before transaction, to improve customer service quality and reduce take-over fraud

How trueID Face Authentification Solution can help your organization?

Multi Factor Authentication

Protect against account takeover attempts, or fake accounts created with synthetic identities

VIP Face Recognition

Identify VIPs early at physical counters to provide suitable services

Access Control

Provide a cardless, user-friendly access control method for both visitors and employees

How it works

Remote Login - Passive Face ID

Remote Login - Active Face ID • Extra layers Security

Why you should choose us

Highly Accurate AI Technology

Achieve 99.95% accuracy even for a database of millions faces

Implementation Experience

Assist in managing risk factors, faceID data and cross platform integration

World-class Fraud Detection

Detect various types of selfie frauds, from basic to advanced, with ISO 30107-3 Level 2 anti-spoofing solution certified by iBeta


Face Match

Verify if the face conducting the transaction is the same as the face registered

Liveness Detection

Prevent face spoofing to assume the identity of another person. Certified ISO 30107-3 for both single-frame Passive and Active methods

1:n face search

Verify if the face conduction the transaction belongs to any black/white list in real-time

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