Voice authentication

Seamlessly identify your customers' voice before transaction, to improve customer service quality and reduce account take-over

How trueID Voice Authentification Solution can help your organization?

Call center authentication

Reduce unauthorized transaction and Improve Customer experience when calling CS hotline

Multi factor authentication

Provide an additional layer of biometric authentication for mobile/web transactions

Voice signature

Enable signing contracts on video call with voice consent from authorized customers

How it works

Enroll New customer

Log in by Voice

Why you should choose us


Authenticate correctly if the customer uses another language or the accent is changed

User friendly

Take less than 2 seconds to verify, with any spoken sentence

Highly secure

Detect unmatched voices and AI-generated voices with industry-leading accuracy


Voice match

98,5 true acceptance rate and 4x smaller equal error rate than competitors in Vietnam and overseas

Anti - spoofing

Detect AI-generated voices to prevent fraud attempts

Speech - to - text

Check if customer speaks the exact sentence required

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