AML watchlist screening

An automatic, unified AML Screening solution with comprehensive coverage against international and local blacklists

How trueID AML Screening can help your organization?

Automatic Screening at KYC

Automatically screen new customers against AML watchlist in real-time

Ongoing risk profile

Continually screen existing customers against the latest entry to watchlist database and update their risk profile

How it works

Why you should choose us

Low False Positive

Apply more screening factors like face matching to increase accuracy of match result

Reliable data source

Update and enrich data sources from both domestic and international lists daily

Highly localized

Adapt quickly to Vietnamese regulations while adhering to global standards of AML solutions


Natural language processing

Screen the face against the faces in sanction lists and blacklists

Face Search

Screen the face against the faces in sanction lists and blacklists

List Management

Configure to turn on/off each list for each situation / application

Case management

Detailed report and score for each highlighted case for compliance team to make informed decision

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