Automated KYB

Automatically extract and validate information of businesses for a quick, easy and seamless onboarding experience

How TrueID Automated KYB can help your organization?

Eliminate manual form filling

Extract information automatically from scanned documents

Reduce manual review

Automatically check for signs of fraud, and reduce the scope for manual review

Shorten processing time

Reduce form preparation, submission and review time to less than 10 minutes per application

How it works

Why you should choose us

Highly accurate OCR

Accuracy of key fields is >95% for most documents, saving time from manual review

Smooth customer experience

Less than 10 minutes to complete applications that can take days or weeks if submitted manually

Comprehensive identity checks

More than 50+ rules to automatically verify identity of associated individuals, in less than 2 minutes


Document OCR

Extract information fields from documents with >95% accuracy for key fields

Document validity

Verify if scanned documents have signs of tampering

Face match

Verify if the person in action is the same with one in ID document

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