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Less than 2 minutes to verify
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Improve customer

Simple identity verification process across multiple touchpoints

Combat identity fraud

Fraud detection and alert using AI, even for cases commonly overlooked
by human reviewer

Automate and optimize

More than 80% reduction in effort for manual data entry and application review

Our solutions

eKYC onboarding

Identify your new customers using Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence, to optimize Customer Acquisition and Risk Control

Video KYC

Enable online face-to-face interaction between customers and agents, with AI helping to verify customer’s identity

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Face authentication

Seamlessly identify customers' face before transaction, to improve customer service quality and reduce take-over fraud

Voice authentication

Seamlessly identify your customers' voice before transaction, to improve customer service quality and reduce account take-over

AML watchlist screening

An automatic, unified AML Screening solution with comprehensive coverage against international and local blacklists

AML transaction monitoring

Seamlessly and accurately Identify transactions and customer profiles with high AML risk, to reduce damages from illegal money flows.

Receipt OCR

Automatically extract and digitise information from images of receipts, to help automate payment or reward programs.

Automated KYB

Automatically extract and validate information of businesses for a quick, easy and seamless onboarding experience

Trusted RegTech Solutions

What make us different?


  • Highest accuracy in identity verification, with top AI experts to continuously enhance our models and products

Advanced fraud

  • Pioneering ID Validity checks to accurately detect diverse, real-life fraud attempts
  • Certified ISO 30107-3 Level 2 (iBeta 2) Liveness Detection, able to detect even deep fake and 3D masks

Service Excellence

  • Deep domain knowledge in banking and fintech, with intensive integration experience
  • Commitment to Customer Success

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